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Name: Unofficial Block, Location and Model Fixes for Daggerfall Unity

Version: 2022.10.0

Author: XJDHDR

Source files for creating this mod: GitHub

Forum thread: Daggerfall Workshop

Download locations:

Nexus Mods: Direct link Ad supported interstitial link


Fixes the numerous bugs that exist in Daggerfall's Blocks, Locations and Models.


Daggerfall was a very ambitious game when it was released but unfortunately, it was rushed. After the release of Arena, Bethesda Game Studios released Daggerfall only around 2 and a half years later. Like most rushed projects, Daggerfall was released with numerous bugs in it. The size of Daggerfall's world only made the problem worse. It wouldn't be a stretch to call Daggerfall the buggiest game in the Elder Scrolls series. Possibly the buggiest BGS has ever released (though Fallout 76, if it doesn't take the crown, comes close). Though a number of patches were released for the game afterwards, the final game was still left with a lot of glitches in it, from minor texture problems all the way up to bugs that corrupted your save game. Though a number of unofficial fixes and especially Daggerfall Unity were released to help fix the more serious issues as well as some minor ones, there are plenty still remaining.

That is where this mod comes in. My goal is to fix as many of the problems that still exist in Daggerfall's blocks, locations and models as I can. In doing so, I hope to improve the game in an area that I feel is getting less attention than some other areas. I am also creating this to provide a modders' resource for anyone that wants to make alterations to any area of the game that I have fixed. To provide them with data that they don't have to fix themselves. Finally, I'm also fixing these issues because they are eye catching, irritating and I would rather play my game without these problems present.

Known Issues


Model 239

Model 67028

Block S0000180.RDB



Satakalaam - Satakalaam

Wayrest - Wayrest City

Reporting bugs

If you find a problem in the game caused by a model, block or location file, I would love to hear about it. I also appreciate any reports of how my mod broke something. That said, there are right and wrong ways to report issues. It must always be remembered that those who create mods or any other programming work have a limited amount of time to get the things they want done. Thus, the goal of reporting something is to not just inform me of a problem but to also do so in a way that improves efficiency. And avoid reporting problems in ways that wastes time unnecessarily.

Interkarma wrote a great post about the best way to report problems in Daggerfall Unity here. Following a lot of this advice is also a good idea when reporting issues for this mod.

The preferred place to report bugs is in my bugtracker on either GitHub or Nexus Mods. If you find an issue, please report it in one of those two places, keeping in mind the points below. If you are unsure, feel free to ask about it in either the forum thread or the Nexus Mods comment section first.

Please avoid reports that do any of the following:

With all of this said, if you are unsure if a problem you have spotted is within the scope of this mod, please feel free to ask in either the comment section or the forum.



This mod requires at least Daggerfall Unity version 0.13.4. Supporting earlier versions is not possible because of a few fixes and additions to the engine which my mod relies on, but earlier versions of my mod do support earlier versions of DFU (but without the subsequent fixes).

Installation instructions

You can install this either using Vortex or manually. I recommend that you use mod managers to manage your games' mods and avoid manual management. Either way, you need to ensure that you have asset injection activated to make mods work. To check, open Daggerfall Unity. At the main menu, click on the Advanced button, click on the Enhancements tab and make sure that the Mod Systems and Asset Injection boxes are selected.


This mod has been packaged in a Vortex compatible manner. Simply click on the Mod Manager Download button on the Files page then install and deploy it the same way you would for any other mod. If you need help, you can try one of these tutorials or ask in the Vortex forum:


  1. Manually download the archive from the Files page.
  2. Open the following folder: <Location you installed Daggerfall Unity>\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets
  3. Extract the contents of the archive you downloaded into the folder above. If prompted, overwrite any files already there. If you can't extract the contents of the archive, you need to install 7-zip.

Uninstallation instructions

Instructions depend on whether you used Vortex to install this mod or did so manually.


Simply deactivate the mod in Vortex then delete it. These tutorials should help if you don't know how to do this:


  1. Open the following folder: <Location you installed Daggerfall Unity>\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods
  2. Delete these files: Unofficial Block, Location and Model Fixes.dfmod and UBLaMF - Map Blocks addon.dfmod
  3. Open the following folder: <Location you installed Daggerfall Unity>\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Docs
  4. Delete this file: Unofficial Block, Location and Model Fixes readme.url

Version history

Due to the sheer number of changes this mod makes, I feel that it is impractical to list them here. Instead, I have listed the changes on separate web pages.

You can go here for the changelog that summarises the changes made, categorised by version:

Otherwise, these pages give more detailed explanations of the changes made, categorised by file modified:


While I don't expect any payments for my mods and have no plans to charge anything for them, any donations will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to do so by looking at an advert instead of making a payment, you may use this interstitial link which redirects back to this mod's Nexus Mods webpage:

Alternatively, you may make payments through Ko-fi, Liberapay, Patreon or PayPal:

Finally, this website has been set up to accept contributions from Brave Rewards and Flattr.

Contact info

You can find me at the following places under the username XJDHDR:


My thanks goes to:

Tools used

Licensing and Legal

The original models extracted from ARCH3D.BSA, as well as the contents of BLOCKS.BSA and MAPS.BSA that the json files were generated from, are all the property of Bethesda Softworks and your use of them are governed by the terms and conditions they have imposed.

As far as my modifications to the original data files and other resources used to compile this mod are concerned, you can find the license for all of those things here. Please note: It is NOT the entire mod that is provided under this license, just the contents of my repository.

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