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Hardware Confusion 2019


Last Modified: September 2019


In January 2009, I wrote the Hardware Confusion 2009 article, detailing my then recently-built Core i7 920 X58-based system, using it to provide advice on the latest hardware that was available at the time, and which of those I thought would be worth purchasing, along with my prophetic musings on the future of PC tech and gaming. I concluded the article by noting of my new system that: "The overwhelming feeling is that there's a massive amount of headroom, that it can withstand anything thrown against it for the next couple of years and still have power to spare".

Hardware Confusion 2019

What an understatement. Little did I know that the system I was building would become the foundation of my computing experience not just for "the next couple of years", but for an entire decade. Let's not be too hasty though, it wasn't because I'm a supergenius that my system lasted so long. While the right hardware components certainly helped, several factors outside of my control came into play, like the rise of mobile computing, and the tabletization of Windows; furthermore, a couple of strategic updates along the way made a big difference.

In January 2019, I finished building my new system. An entirely new and confusing generation of hardware and software is upon us. The computing environment has changed. The world has changed. You've changed. I've changed. TweakGuides has changed, now focusing on providing you with recipes for quick, easy meals that are nutritious and cheap. No wait, that last part isn't true.

The new hardware

Unlike my previous Hardware Confusion articles, this one tries to cover a lot more ground. From general purchasing advice to real-world data and honest, unsponsored thoughts on some of the latest hardware; a closer look at the AMD vs. Intel CPU battle; a range of ideas, tips and tweaks for getting the most out of your hardware, as well as improving the performance and appearance of Windows 10. There's something for everyone here. Everyone except the Amish I suppose.

Turn the page and we can begin our journey into this latest and greatest, and quite possibly the last, iteration in the Hardware Confusion series.

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