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The Gamer's Graphics & Display Settings Guide

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Well that brings the guide to a close, with a huge sigh of relief from me! I'm very surprised at how long it took me to compile this guide, as I initially thought it would be relatively short and quick. Once I got into actually researching and writing it, and trying to explain everything in relatively plain English, I started to realise just how big a task it was going to be. Even though there are no eye-opening revelations in the guide for many people, I can tell you from searching through and reading literally hundreds of pages on various sites and forums that there is not a single place where all of the above is explained clearly and simply, or sometimes even accurately.

In any case I genuinely hope you found this guide useful and informative. I believe that the key to improving performance and stability in PC gaming comes from actually understanding what is going on in your PC, which is the aim of this guide. Of course I am ready as always to expand and enhance the guide based on feedback from the more knowledgeable among you. Please with relevant constructive feedback, but please keep in mind I can't offer any personal tech support nor any tweaking or tech advice outside of my guides. I also can't customize the guide to provide any specific game or graphics tips - this is what my individual game tweak guides are for. Finally, for anyone truly interested in finding out more about computer graphics, please refer to the links throughout the guide and especially the Further Reading section below.

Further Reading

This guide was borne out of a lot of reading and research. I tried to use a wide range of sources to both clarify and inform my thinking on the topics in this guide. You will note that I link to Wikipedia almost exclusively throughout this guide. This is not the major source of information for researching the guide - the reason I use Wikipedia for these links is that it is a very convenient, reasonably accurate (for non-controversial technote information) and most importantly stable source to link to for pointing out the basics on the various topics here.

The major sites and resources I actually used to compile this guide, and which are definitely worth checking out, include:

Matrox Graphics Guide

NEC Monitor Technology Guide

Nvidia 3D Glossary





A special thanks to Andreas Gustafsson for providing a beta copy of his FPS Compare utility, and for his work in creating these neat utilities.

As I say at the end of all my guides, until next time, take care!

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