Far Cry 3 Tweak Guide

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Far Cry 3 has stirred up an enormous amount of interest among PC gamers for several reasons. Key among them is that, at its core, gaming is all about escapism, and Far Cry 3 really makes that possible with its beautiful open-world environment, filled with all manner of people, animals, and places to explore. However, the same overwhelming desire to enjoy the game's articulate world in all its visual glory can result in frustration for gamers who experience poor performance. Hopefully this guide has given you enough food for thought, so that with a few setting changes and a couple of advanced tweaks here and there, you can gain some extra FPS with minimal loss in image quality.

In terms of the settings, if you're after decent performance then consider switching to DirectX 9, as the image quality difference is negligible between it and DirectX 11. Next, look at the Post FX, Water and Shadow settings, as these are the most intensive. Finally, get your hands dirty with some advanced tweaking so that you can pick and choose which effects and features you want to enable or disable, whether to boost performance, or simply to adjust the image quality to better suit your taste.

If you're having difficulties with the game, or just want to talk to other players, check the Official Far Cry 3 Forums. If you're experiencing lag in multiplayer mode, refer to the How to Get Rid of Lag article to correctly determine the source of your lag, and what if anything you can do about it.

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