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This table documents all of the fixes that have been applied to location data in the Gavaudon region. This region is internally numbered 57 in the game's data. The columns are as follows:

Loc. No. Loc. Name Version Line Build. No. Change Effect
24 Gavaudon 2021.01.09 2480 307 FactionId: 22 → 0 [1]
42 Oxham 2021.01.09 1448 178 FactionId: 22 → 0 [1]
2021.03.25 1336-1339 164 FactionId: 510 → 0
BuildingType: Bookseller → House2


[1] - Unlike most other regions, this change does not fix a bug that prevents the player from asking NPCs for the location of any Temples of Zen in the region. This is because this settlement has a Temple of Zen present that prevents this anyway. This change was done for completeness sake and to help out any modders that might use this location json.

[2] - Corrected building data that incorrectly identified a House as a Bookseller.

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