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Name: Emperor Resolution Customiser

Version: 1.2022.8.0

Author: XJDHDR

Download locations:

Nexus Mods: Direct link Ad supported interstitial link


Program that lets you change the resolution Emperor runs at as well as apply specific patches.


With the wide variety of screen sizes and resolutions available, it is important for a game to be able to give the player options. This is especially required for LCD monitors in that running a game outside its native resolution creates a blurry image. By default, Emperor only allow you to choose between two resolutions: 800x600 and 1024x768. Though this was manageable at the time due to these being the most common resolutions used then, screens have since gotten bigger and denser. The switch to LCD further caused issues due to their blurring images that run outside their native resolutions, as well as the adoption of widescreen aspect ratios meaning that 4:3 resolutions are stretched and distorted.

This started to change on the 5th of February, 2012 when a Widescreen Gaming Forum member named JackFuste uploaded copies of Pharaoh's EXE that he had modified to run on a few widescreen resolutions. From there, he went on to upload a number of packs and fixes containing edits for all 4 of the Impressions Studios' 2D City Building strategy games to run on a number of common resolutions and whatever resolutions users requested. While a massive improvement over the default options, the main issue was that Jack was for the most part the only one making these fixes and any resolution not already available had to be requested. Another thing that can be seen is that he became better at modifying the resolutions over time, ultimately adding some fixes to the UI in his latest mods that weren't present in earlier versions. This meant that his fixes as they stand have varying levels of quality and some resolution options simply never had fixes created.

A small area of progress here came from another Widescreen Gaming Forum member named Mario who, on the 4th of September, 2018, uploaded his own modifications for Zeus and Emperor that came with a guide describing how he created his fixes. With this guide, it was now easier for people to create their own fixes.

And that is where this project comes in. This program gives you the ability to change what resolution the game runs at. It does so by modifying the 1024x768 option so that it will instead run the game at the resolution you specified (within reason - some numbers cause bugs or simply can't be supported). It also resizes various elements of the game's UI to fit the new resolution. To do this, this resolution customiser needs an unmodified copy of the game's EXE. Once done, it will create a modified copy of that EXE that you can drop into the location you installed the game. In short, this utility will give you a modified copy of Emperor's EXE that will run at the resolution you specified and which has all of the fixes that are present in the last EXEs Jack released.

You can optionally apply two additional patches to the game as well. The first is a fix for the inability to switch the game into windowed mode if you have customised the game's resolution. The second is for an optional increase to the maximum number of sprites that can exist on a game's map at once to 2x the original limit.

Finally, this program can also automatically resize the game's background images to fit the new resolution.



While I don't expect any payments for my mods and have no plans to charge anything for them, any donations will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to do so by looking at an advert instead of making a payment, you may use this interstitial link which redirects back to this mod's Nexus Mods webpage: Emperor Resolution Customiser at Nexus Mods

Alternatively, you may make payments through Ko-fi, Liberapay, Patreon or PayPal:

Finally, this website has been set up to accept contributions from Brave Rewards and Flattr.


This program requires an unmodified copy of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

It also requires that you have the .NET Framework v4.0 or later, which Windows from 8 onwards have installed by default.

Installation instructions

  1. NOTE: Please do not delete any files or folders in the game's install location. Especially DO NOT delete the DATA folder. You only need to overwrite the originals with the new files created by this program.
  2. Open the location you installed Emperor and backup Emperor.exe as well as every JPEG file inside the DATA folder.
  3. Extract the archive you downloaded from Nexus Mods wherever your user account has write access, using 7-zip or your favourite archive extraction program.
  4. Run Emperor Resolution Customiser.exe. A window will then appear containing all the options available. You can click on the ? button to get a description of what each item does.
  5. There are three ways you can select an Emperor.exe to patch. First, you can use the Select Emperor.exe button to select where you have installed the game. Second, if you copy the right files into the base_files folder, the program will use those (see the readmes in there for which files are needed and where to copy them). Finally, if you copy this program's files into the folder you installed Zeus, it will use those files.
  6. Once you have picked the options you want, click on the Generate EXE button. The program will then drop the new files into the patched_files folder.
  7. Copy-paste the files inside the patched_files folder to the location you installed Emperor, overwriting any files already present.
  8. If you have any questions or problems, please read through this Readme first (especially the FAQ).

Upgrade instructions

I hope you made a backup of the game's original files before you followed the installation instructions, as this program is designed to patch unmodified EXEs and not ones it has already patched. If so, run through the installation instructions again with the backups and updated utility. If not, you will need to reinstall the game before doing so.

Uninstallation instructions

I hope you made a backup of the game's original files before you followed the installation instructions. If so, copy-paste the backed up files into the location you installed Emperor and overwrite if asked. If not, you will need to reinstall the game.

Version history

Contact info

You can find me at the following places under the username XJDHDR:


My thanks goes to:

Tools used

Licensing and Legal

This program is licensed under a Modified BSD 4-Clause license and it's terms may be found here.

Though you are technically allowed to redistribute the files you downloaded without restriction, please can you talk to me about uploading the file elsewhere before doing so. I might be interested in doing so myself.

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